TLA About us

Tragic Little Aerospace (TLA) was founded in 2009. Their founding product is their µGTU GPS kit for Amateur rocketry enthusiasts. The company consists of four friends and is based out of Bothell, Washington.

Robert ‘Klaude’ Geer -- Lead Hardware Designer, Technical Lead
NAR# 77966 L2
Robert got interested in model rockets in the 60s, but didn't get to build one till the 80s (Der Big Red Max). Finally launching his first rocket in the late 90s at 60 acres in Redmond with his two daughters. They were the driving force behind getting back into rocketry and actually launching something. They flew regularly at 60 Acres and Monroe, he got his level 1 cert in April of 2000 with "Barbie I" a Pink and Purple 4" kit bashed EZ I65 with Astronaut Barbie looking out the window in the command module. He took a long break in 2002 after Monroe closed and the girls got serious about soccer and dance. He re-certified at level 1 at FITS in 2009 with Barbie on an H268R. When he introduced the hobby to his friends and they were trying to address the issue of tracking their own rockets they founded Tragic Little Aerospace. He certified level 2 in September 2009, again with Barbie on a J350 and carrying the very first prototype tracker (aka "the hairball").